Hello, Gentle Reader……….

Hello gentle reader, (with apologies to Charlotte Bronte), in your meanderings through the web, looking, for (hopefully) non-salacious material, you have stumbled upon my exercise in self-indulgence. For those of you, who have not nodded off by now, I cannot promise advise on how to grow hair, increase the length of your penis, nor where to borrow money at 0% interest. I can, however provide you with some of my thoughts on political issues in Africa and South Asia, which may be in the news, and which my clients pay rather handsomely to obtain. Naturally, I won’t be putting down here all the reports that I am paid to do, but a few that will, I hope, make you think twice about the news that you read or hear in the mainstream media.

In the past twenty-five years, I have occupied various positions of trust, as advisor to a range of ministers and heads of states in countries euphemistically referred to as “economies in transition”. As long as I can remember, these countries have remained in this fluid state of transition, not perhaps wanting to leave the comfort of this phase, not to mention the risk of losing large amounts of western aid money, that invariably accompany anything in transition.

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